What’s the difference between the levels of kitchen and bathroom cabinets available in Davenport?

Wondering what you get by upgrading to the next level of kitchen or bathroom cabinets in your Davenport area home? Here is a general comparison of three different Merillat cabinetry lines to provide an idea of the types of features and quality upgrades available as you move from standard to mid-range to semi and custom cabinetry. While we’re using Merillat lines for the comparison, the examples are generally indicative of features across the other kitchen and bathroom cabinets we stock in Davenport. Use the cabinet cost estimator below to get an idea of what your new cabinet installation or remodeling project will cost.

Standard Cabinets

Merillat Basics Cabinets

Standard Cabinetry offers incredible value but at the expense of some of the features of our Mid-Range lines. These are high quality cabinets but with a limited number of wood and color options and fewer available upgrades. Standard cabinets are perfect for the homeowner looking for beautiful cabinets that are well constructed but don’t require a lot of frills and customization.

Cabinet Options

Woods: Birch and Laminate

Door Styles: 5

Finishes: Limited Painted, Stained & Laminate

Drawer Box: MDF

Overlays: Full, Traditional

Door Shapes: Raised & Recessed

Modifications: Limited

Standard Cabinets

Mid-Range Cabinets

Merillat Classic Cabinets

Mid-Range Cabinetry features high quality cabinets but with more wood and color options and other upgrades versus our Standard Cabinetry lines. These are a great option for the homeowner who wants quality cabinets and the ability to add their personal style with special wood, color and finish selections.

Cabinet Options

Woods: Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak and Laminate

Door Styles: 27

Finishes: Expanded Painted, Stained, Glazed & Laminate

Drawer Box: Solid Wood or MDF

Overlays: Full, Traditional

Door Shapes: Raised, Recessed & Slab

Modifications: Expanded with all plywood options and soft close glides

Custom / Semi-Custom Cabinets

Merillat Masterpiece Cabinets

Semi and Custom Cabinetry offer exceptional quality plus extensive wood, color, upgrade and storage options. For the discerning homeowner with special tastes, the choices on custom cabinets are limited only by your imagination.

Cabinet Options

Woods: Cherry, Evercore, Foil, Hickory, Laminate, Maple, Oak, Quartersawn Oak and Rustic Alder

Door Styles: 46

Finishes: Extensive Aged, Burnished, Glazed, Laminate, Painted, Patina, Stained & Vintage

Drawer Box: Solid Wood or MDF

Overlays: Full, Traditional

Door Shapes: Beaded, Raised, Recessed & Slab

Modifications: Extensive with tall cabinets, standard deluxe rollouts and many more organization options

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Estimate New Cabinetry Costs

Our cabinetry cost calculator for Davenport area customers is intended to serve as a tool to help provide you with a general estimate of average cabinetry costs of different tiers of cabinetry in the Quad City area. It is not an actual quote. Please keep the following in mind as you use the tool.


  • Costs are general ranges by cabinetry level
  • All costs are average estimates
  • Estimates do not include installation costs
  • Custom finish, hardware, storage and color upgrades may not be included
  • Please contact us for an accurate quote



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